Frequently Asked Questions

No! It costs nothing for you to submit a credit application to the federalautoloan.com network. Our service is free to the consumer with no obligation on your part whatsoever. We are compensated by the affiliates in the networks we work with.

Yes you do! We have a national network of lenders and dealer affiliates who are all about helping you get accepted for financing. When we forward your application to them, they’ll do their best for you.

Yes you can! Self employment often makes getting a loan more difficult, but depending on your circumstances, being a person who is self employed may not necessarily be a problem.

You may be able to do so! We have a number of lender and dealer affiliates that offer programs that may allow you to put no money down on your car loan based on qualifying credit.

Not at all! You CAN still make a financing request through our network! Our network of lenders and dealer affiliates offer special loan programs that could help you even if you have a repossession in your past. It’s our goal to help you get a solid loan connection even if you have a difficult credit situation!

Even if you’re going through bankruptcy or have a bankruptcy in your past, we may be able to help you! We have many lenders and dealer affiliates in our network that specialize in vehicle loans for people who have gone through bankruptcy or are currently in the middle of a bankruptcy.

Typically not through our program. But you may wish to submit a credit application anyway and see what other options may be available to you.

Yes you can! Our lenders and dealer affiliates offer car loans for both new and used cars!

No… but it may very well improve your chances! When you work with Federal Auto Loan we make sure that every application we receive will be submitted to our lender/dealer network. We don’t “filter out” applications for things like self-employment, bankruptcy, bad credit or other negatives like some other companies do. So while we can’t guarantee that you’ll be approved, we’ll do all we can to match you with an affiliate who will do their best to get you the auto loan for the car you need!

No… we’re better! We’re a privately held “Consumer Connection” company that helps connect you with dealers and lenders who want to help you get a car loan and get a vehicle to suit your needs! We have a nationwide network of lenders and car dealers, many of whom are specialists in helping credit challenged consumers with all types of problematic credit situations. That’s why we say “Good Credit… Bad Credit… No Credit… ALL GOOD!”

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