Don’t buy vehicle extras when buying a car

Many vehicle extras can get loaded onto the price of a vehicle. Extras are a great place for dealers to add in more profit because the price of the extra (and the cost of the installation) is often inflated. Note, however, that for some it may be worth paying a slightly higher price in order to include the price of the extras in the loan instead of having to pay with cash out of pocket.

The number of extras, add-ons, and vehicle enhancements are almost countless. For people who want to customize their autos, there are several extras that can be added to most vehicles. Some of these extras include:

  • Body add-ons, light covers, and styling options
  • Paint enhancements/special colors/detailing
  • Protective coatings/fabric protectant
  • Special wheels and tires
  • High-end shock absorbers
  • Interior detailing items such as wood steering wheels and special mats
  • Special seats
  • Seat heaters and coolers
  • Enhanced brakes
  • Premium exhaust systems
  • Engine enhancements such as superchargers
  • Vehicle security systems
  • DVD players and monitors
  • Higher end stereo systems and MP3 players
  • Navigation systems
  • Roof racks and truck-bed covers
  • Safety devices (these you want to consider purchasing)
  • VIN etching (almost never worth purchasing due to overpricing)
  • Extended warranties (another you should consider purchasing)
  • Window tinting
  • And many, many more

In most cases, these “extras” will cost you extra if you buy them at the dealership. If there are specific add-ons that you want on your new car, price them ahead of time, before you go into the dealership. That way you can at least negotiate them with the salesperson instead of blindly accepting the dealer’s pricing. If you don’t, you will probably pay more than you should. As noted above, however, it may be worth purchasing at the dealership if the price is close in order to include the cost of the extras in the vehicle financing.

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