Research car pricing before you go to the dealership

If you want to get to a good price, you have to do your research before ever setting foot inside a dealership. A vehicle is an expensive purchase and if you haven’t done your homework prior to going to the dealership, you could cost yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This is especially important in the event you are buying a used car. Used cars are typically the “bread and butter” of a dealership. Because it’s harder for a consumer to know what the dealer paid for the car, it’s easier for the dealer to get a higher price and more profit. Be sure to research car pricing before you head to a dealer!

You should always check the “blue book” value of the car you are buying before you buy it. Visit or to make sure you aren’t overpaying. You should also negotiate on the price if the car has defects, high mileage, excessive wear, damage, non-working equipment, or other problems.

Other online sources for vehicle pricing research include:

Yahoo Autos

Kelly Blue Book ( provides an excellent tool to help you with vehicle pricing. uses the latest online market prices, a proprietary recommendation engine, and data to offer some of the most comprehensive pricing analysis available for private party vehicles.

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