Things you should do after buying a car

The car is in your hands now and you have a little work to do. Your insurance company needs to know that you have a new car. It’s not a pretty thought, but you could get into a collision the moment you drive out of the dealership and you must have coverage, especially if you’ve financed the car. Calling your insurance agent right from the dealership is usually not a problem, but you might consider throwing a little competition into the mix. Auto insurance is a product just like your car loan and there is a great deal of competition out there for your buck. If you have a clean driving record, you’re in the driver’s seat to get some great deals on comprehensive coverage ‒ if you shop around.

Get to know your car. You may be anxious to get behind the wheel, but getting acquainted with your car right on the lot can save you a lot of grief when you actually get into traffic. Take the time to adjust your mirrors and seat. Learn where your car’s heater and air-conditioning controls are so you don’t end up fumbling around for them while you’re on the road. Get to know where your car ends and the rest of the universe begins by walking around your car, then sitting in it and looking out all windows. This will also give you a clue as to where your blind spots are.

Your owner’s manual will give further insight as to how your new car works. A complete manual usually comes with every new car and details how to maintain your car from locating your jack and spare tire to periodic fluid and filter changes. These include repairs you can do yourself with ordinary household tools in most cases. Studying your owner’s manual and following its recommendations will add years to the life of your car.

Get on the road today.


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