Questions to ask when buying a new or used car

So after you’ve done your research, it’s probably a good idea to ask yourself some specific questions to help you narrow and define your new or used car search. A good start on these types of questions is below:

  • What is your brand preference? Would you prefer a domestic automaker or foreign automaker? Or does it matter to you?
  • What type of vehicle do you want (or need): Large, medium, or small? Truck, SUV, sedan, sports car, or economy car?
  • What type of drive do you want (or need): front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or true four-wheel drive?
  • Do you want a powerful, performance-oriented vehicle? Or would you prefer a lower performance vehicle that offers better fuel economy?
  • Speaking of that, what is your acceptable level of gas mileage? Is it 15 MPG, 20 MPG, 25 MPG, or are you one that must have 30 MPG or above?
  • What type of ride do you want? Do you want soft and smooth, or “sporty”, or something in the middle between the two?
  • What about carrying capacity? Do you need to carry a lot of cargo? If so, how much cargo do you need to carry?
  • Does the car or truck need to tow anything? If so, how much does it need to tow?
  • How about general use? Is it a commute vehicle? Is it a family vehicle? Is it a work vehicle? How about recreational use? What does that mean in terms of your choice?
  • Are you strongly in favor of safety features? Do you want stability control, brake assist, side airbags, automatic-crash notification, or others?
  • What warranty coverage is your preference? If buying a new car, is your goal to get a full, five-year,50,000-mile coverage program? If used, what are you willing to spend to get good warranty coverage?
  • Is trade-in/resale value important to you? Some brands are far better at holding their value than others and give you a much better resale value in the future.

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