Car leasing versus buying

This chapter will help you understand the differences between car leasing and buying a vehicle… and how to negotiate to get a good lease.

Car buying is a complex process to be sure. And when you add the question of car leasing versus buying into the mix, it gets even more complicated. The problem is that if you ask the question… “Should I buy or lease a car?”… the answer to the question is, in most cases, “maybe.”

The decision to lease a vehicle versus purchasing one really depends on factors that you, as a consumer, value. If keeping your “true cost of ownership” as low as possible is your only concern, for example, it almost always costs less overall to buy a car versus leasing one. But if you want to keep your payment down and that’s all you care about, then a lease will almost always lead to a lower payment versus purchasing a car outright.

Car leasing versus buying: Section List

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