Online Car Buying and Pricing Sites

There are many websites out there dedicated to helping you find a new or used car. The Internet provides a wealth of online car buying sites dedicated to comparing prices on new and used cars. In the age of the smart phone, there are also apps that can help you compare new and used car prices while you’re shopping for your next vehicle right on the car lot. This may not make the slick car salesman happy, but it will go a long way to making you feel good about putting out the cash for that down payment.

There are many websites out there that offer free new car quotes and a simple search for “car pricing sites” on your favorite search engine will return a lengthy list of car-buying and comparison sites. The most reputable are Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book for their reliable and accurate pricing based on objective considerations of vehicle performance, maintenance costs, dependability, and fuel consumption. Some lesser known sites like and provide reliable car price comparisons based on your location in addition to the usual make, model, and year criteria.

Things to beware of are car price-quote sites that are directly affiliated with a dealer or manufacturer as they will provide less-than-objective information on the products they’ll be selling with numerous conditions and addenda attached to getting their great deals. Coincidentally, the thing that makes it more convenient for you to find a new car in your price range is the same thing that makes it easier for a shady car dealer to screw you out of your hard earned cash.

Used Car Pricing and Buying Web Sites

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The Internet offers a host of used car pricing sites in numbers equal to, or greater, than the number of used car pricing sites. In fact, many of the new car price-comparison sites also provide the same services for used cars as well. Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds both provide used car pricing guides that dealers will use for their pricing standards. NADA is another price comparison site that also has vehicle locators so you can pin down a car deal close to you.

Many car comparison sites are an “all-in-one” site that covers auto financing, VIN verification, vehicle history reports, and more. And, here’s where the minefield begins. With so much money involved in car shopping, the business attracts some unsavory types who want to separate you from your money. If you’re trying a new website, make sure they’re certified to do what they do. Legitimate car comparison sites will be eager to verify their certifications, security and responsibilities. Make sure that the site you’re getting used car information from is not associated with a dealership or an auto maker – their information is likely to be less objective than other consumer-driven, online car guides. And, if one of these sites requires you to pay an upfront fee or asks for a credit card number, leave that site. Reliable used car comparison sites offer their services for free – no strings attached.

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