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Federal Auto Loan is an auto finance connection service for people with good or bad credit.

What We Do

We connect people with good credit, or credit problems, to car dealers and lenders so they can buy and finance a new or used car while re-establishing their credit.

How We Do It

At Federal Auto Loan, simply connecting people with traditional auto financing or bad credit auto loans isn’t enough. In all that we do, we strive to improve our customers’ lives. We do this by helping people repair damaged credit through realistic opportunities for auto loan approval. Plain and simple, we do this for everyone. Yes, even if they haven’t had the best track record in the past… or if they’ve gone through bankruptcy. But more than this, we also do everything we can to educate our customers on the car-buying and financing process.

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A Warm Welcome
from all of us at Federal Auto Loan

We’d like to welcome you to federalautoloan.com, a consumer connection service brought to you by Federal Auto Loan. First and foremost, we’d like to thank you for visiting our Web Site and using our Loan Application platform to get connected to a dealer financing specialist(s) and/or loan provider(s) to help you get financing for the car you need!

federalautoloan.com is easy, fast, safe and secure. And we’re one of the largest automotive technology leaders in the U.S. that offers subprime automotive solutions. Our platform connects you with local dealer affiliates and/or lender affiliates who want to assist you with financing to help you get the car you need. And whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, it’s ALL GOOD! Our network affiliates will do their best to help you get the car loan or bad credit auto loan that’s right for you! Plus, our web site also offers all kinds of great information about car researching and buying, car loans, bad credit car loans, auto insurance, credit advice, service contracts, warranties, and much, much more. At Federal Auto Loan, we’re all about helping you get the information you need to make a smart borrowing and buying decision!

federalautoloan.com (and the dba name “Federal Auto Loan”) are owned and operated by Get Great Auto Loans, LLC, a company based in Colorado whose principals have significant experience in both car financing and vehicle sales. Federal Auto Loan is not a lender or lending institution nor an auto dealer or dealership nor are we affiliated with any government entity. Federal Auto Loan is a nationwide consumer connection company that tries to assist people with locating financing options no matter what their credit situation is. And while we can’t guarantee that all of our customers will get a vehicle and/or a loan through our program, we do promise that we’ll submit every legitimate application that we receive to our network to try to make a connection.

At federalautoloan.com, our financing request process is fast and easy. For most people, it takes a few minutes to fill out the credit application on our web site. Even if you have bad credit, we’ll do our best to assist you in getting connected to an auto loan resource. Once you submit your credit application, we’ll try to match you with one or more local dealer or lender financing specialists who will try to help you get your loan and your car! Please note that you are under no obligation to work with any affiliate we connect you with and that you should thoroughly research any lender or dealer you are considering working with (whether they contact you through our program or not). Doing this is the first step in protecting yourself from getting a bad deal — or worse, from being scammed by an unscrupulous company.

Federal Auto Loan is not a lender or car dealership and we do not approve loans or represent any government agency. We are a private company that was established specifically to help consumers get a car loan and the car they need through our consumer connection program! We’re also all about helping our consumers be informed and knowledgeable. Our web site contains lots of information to assist consumers in being better educated about car loans, car purchasing, bad credit car loans, and much more. Fill out our safe and secure credit application today and get your free no obligation auto loan options from our lender or dealer affiliates. You could be driving that car or truck by tomorrow! Note: The Federal Auto Loan application is a credit application… so make sure you fill out all the information accurately and completely.

Note that Federal Auto Loan works with a significant number of auto dealers and lenders in the affiliate networks integrated on our platform. Across the country, this represents hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of lender and/or dealer affiliates in those networks. Federal Auto Loan only works with affiliate network companies that have good reputations and only with companies that have networks that they represent with direct relationships. Even though we do this to help get our consumers connected with only good and reputable companies, it is simply not possible for us to monitor the many and varied affiliates in these affiliate networks.

Given this situation, we strongly encourage you to thoroughly review and research any lender or dealer you are considering obtaining financing through (or purchasing a vehicle through). This includes talking to experts and individuals with knowledge in the auto finance world, checking online reviews and information about these companies, doing your own personal research about vehicle financing and car purchasing, and talking to your tax and/or financial advisors before entering into any deal with any dealer or lender (whether we connect you with them or not). And remember — you are under no obligation to work with any lender or dealer that we connect you with. If you don’t feel that you should work with them, don’t. Thank you again for applying with Federal Auto loan.

For assistance or questions, please click here. We’re excited to start serving you!

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